If we only want to make it attractive, we could give it a little color by putting a nice wallpaper, or a happy color to the wall, even a collage with photos stuck on the wall, this will make that area come to life.

But if we want to fill the space, then we will have to look for other elements. If we think of something conventional, we could place a standing lamp, a paraguero, a ceramic object, a basket or a plant, but if what we are looking for is to be original, we could put hanging cascading plants or an easel with a photography book open and a spotlight to illuminate it from above. We could also make a reading corner and put a chair with a cushion.

Although I think that a simple way to decorate a corner is with a side table or a stool, which in turn would serve as a seat and we can also place some kind of object that attracts attention, such as a blanket, stacked books , a siphon, a vase with flowers, etc. Think, that you can think of some original idea ;-)