Buying guide

We know that sometimes the purchasing process can leave doubts about the suitability of the product: how will it be big? Is it the same color? Will it be easy to assemble ?, etc.

On our website'll find all the information about our products, as well as recommendations for maintenance.

Although if you want you can also contact us via

Our advisers can tell you everything you need to know and answer all those questions you have when buying TABUHOME, they will help you by showing you how easy it is to assemble our designs to inspire you to make the right decision.

How to buy?

Browse our web, select the product or products you wish to purchase.

1. Display products and click on the one that interests you (eg kaolin TABU). If you click on the photo, you'll see a larger image and more details. In addition, the product cards you'll find detailed product information.

2. Add to your basket this product you want to buy by clicking "Add to cart". If you want more units of the same product, the amount indicated on the tab just below the price.

You can view your cart at any time and remove what you do not want.

3. Detailed overview with your order if you choose "go box" will appear and give you the option to check the "gift" box in case you want to send your order with gift wrapping and even accompany a gift card with the text you you indicate us. The cost of gift packaging will show at this time.

4. Review the information of your order and if you fancy continue shopping click "continue shopping"; If you have already completed your order, click "Finish shopping" (instead of "CHECKOUT").

5. If you are already registered, you must enter your username and password; if you're not register in "CREATE AN ACCOUNT".

6. In the next step, check your personal details and your address or shipping and billing addresses. You can add a remark to the carrier with the information that you consider. Then, on the next screen, review your order, and finally choose your payment method accept our terms and confirms the order.

7. Once payment is made, you will receive an email confirming to your order which will be sent as soon as possible from our warehouse.

8. If you have questions or want to tell us something about your order, please do so through "CONTACT".