There are many things that unite the nordic and the Japanese, as far as interior design is concerned.

So it is natural that the japandi style has emerged, which collects all these common things and adds the best of each of the two styles.

For example, the love of natural materials, minimalist interiors and the interest in decorating spaces with plants. The result is serene and minimalist environments, but warm and welcoming. It is a bet for the calm beauty, for the functional spaces that do not lose for being neither attractive nor warmth.

The japandi is the perfect mix between the palette of cold colors and cakes of the Scandinavian style, and the warm and natural of the Japanese interiors.

As for the color of the furniture, the japandi takes the dark tones (inspired by the interiors of the Japanese houses) combined with light shades characteristic of the oak that are in the Scandi style.

You already know that we love plants, and in this case, plants can not miss, they give a Zen touch, but remember that you must find the balance, better to place one and fill the space with them.

In the photo we show you an example, our modular shelf is made of black wood, combined with an ocher tone and a Nordic style rug. For the decoration, we have chosen golden geometric objects and the rhipsalis which are very decorative hanging crassy plants.

The japandi style became fashionable in 2017, but I think it's here to stay, because whatever it's called, it's a pretty timeless style and above all, because you're not going to love it!