To us, all these adjectives tell us a lot, because that is what we pursue in our designs.

Especially since color is a key feature in our stools and we have always sought to bring that color to space.  

In addition, the use of these purple tones in the meeting spaces, say that it stimulates the connection between people, something that we can take advantage of for our meetings of friends and family.

So we have not thought about it more, we have tried it and this is the result, see how well our stool is in ultra violet color, it has been totally integrated into the decoration of the living room, and the truth is that everyone who comes he loves it Lle gives a special touch to the room, we have placed between the sofas, because sometimes comes very well as an auxiliary table.

And to give harmony, we have placed a cushion with a fabric that has that tone, some dried flowers and a carpet in all gold, which contrasts with the stool and brings warmth to the environment.

You can start by buying small decoration details in the new fashion color or if you are interested, you can come to see the stool in our Showroom, although if you prefer, you can buy it in the online shop of TABUHOME.

Well, as you can see, it is easy to integrate the ultra violet color, now get going, you have 12 months to fall in love with the Pantone 2018 color.

We have already fallen in love ;-)