The participants at this year’s Salón nude were selected by a distinguished jury that included the Dean of the College of Interior Designers of the Comunitat Valenciana, Pepe Cosín, Stone Designs’ designer Eva PregoPilar Tendero, representative for Spain of renowned Italian review Domus and Actiu CMO Jesús MorenoAna Segovia and María Fontes also sat on the jury representing Feria Valencia in their capacities as art director for Feria Hábitat Valencia and Salón nude manager.

A total of eleven students, designers and design consultancies were selected, with the young talent set to be on show this year coming from the Comunitat Valenciana, Catalunya, La Rioja, Madrid, Galicia, Euskadi and México. They have been named as: AggaroAlberto VeraEstudio DalangiEugenia BoscáJaume MolinaKonkrit Blu ArquitecturaMay Arratia EstudioOctavio AsensioTABUHOME and Versus Ecodesign Estudio. Mexican design student Germán Muñoz Carvajal will also be showing his work.