During the selection process they jury highlighted the new designers’ keenness to bring new materials and uses and applications for them into living spaces as a way of improving user experience. The jury also singled out the pursuit of new solutions to fitting out living environments that combine functionality and design.

The group of designers and practices taking part in nude 2017 are from all over Spain and include, in alphabetical order: Alejandro Gómez Slok and Diego Bernardeau, Borja Sepulcre, Calamina, Emilio Marín Lillo, Jaume Molina, Life Art Design Group,  Manuel Suero, Miguel Torregrosa, ,Octavio Asensio, Samu Architects, TABUHOME, Totó Lampes and We are Forms.

See complete news: Nude Salon will arrive in September at its 15th edition / nude 2017