... "I'll give you what you ask".

The cat looked at the mouse, who was already starting to run out of so much swimming, and said: "I want you to come to me every time I call you". "I promise: I'll go as soon as you call me", the mouse yelled.

The cat approached, but before helping the mouse, he said: "I want you to swear it to me".

The mouse did it and the cat took it out of the tub.

Once on the ground, the mouse went to its hole behind the bookshelf.

Soon, the cat began to feel hungry. He approached the hiding place of the rodent and told him to leave.

The mouse poked its nose out from under the table: "I will not. You relax and you want to eat me".

The cat reminded him of his promise, but the mouse repeated: "I will not go near, order whoever orders it".

The cat said impatiently: "You did not swear to me that you would come to me when I called you?".

The mouse replied: "Friend, I was drunk when I promised".

By the way, the cat you see in the photo is Runun, always gets into the boxes of the stools. ;-)